Our institutional partners

Office Français de la Biodiversité

The French Biodiversity Office (OFB), a public institution created in 2020 by the merger of the French Agency for Biodiversity and the National Office for Hunting and Wildlife, has the general objectives of monitoring, preservation, management and restoration of terrestrial, aquatic and marine biodiversity, as well as balanced and sustainable management of water.

Collectif Vigie Mer

The Vigie Mer Collective is a network of actors carrying or supporting citizen science programs and tools in marine environment, and ensuring the animation of these and / or using and valuing the data resulting from them.

Our partner network

Objectifs Biodiversités

OBIOS-Obejectifs Biodiversités
Created in 2008, OBIOS is a national non-profit association dedicated to the study and conservation of Biodiversity in France, whose head office is located in Charente-Maritime.

Tuniciers de l'Europe de l'ouest

Tunicates of Western Europe is a project coordinated by the association Mer et littoral aiming to provide the tools for the identification of ascidians. This project is intended for informed naturalists, environmental professionals, students and researchers.

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