Echinaster (Echinaster) sepositus (Retzius, 1783)

Red starfish

Echinaster (Echinaster) sepositus

Illes Medes, Spain, 18 meters, 2018, WBN

Echinaster (Echinaster) sepositus

Camaret, France, 13 meters, 2009, WBN


Echinaster (Echinaster) sepositus is a starfish of up to 20 cm in diameter, but which can reach sometimes up to 30 cm. It has five long cylindrical tapering arms surrounding a small central disc. Its surface is covered by numerous small craters and its colour is bright red-orange. It lives on rocky bottoms.


Echinaster (Echinaster) sepositus is found from 1 m to 250 m deep. It is common in the Mediterranean Sea, on the French coasts of the English channel and on the African coasts down to the Equator. In other areas of the North-East Atlantic Ocean, it is rare or even absent.

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Données de distribution : Echinaster (Echinaster) sepositus (Retzius, 1783) in GBIF Secretariat (2019). GBIF Backbone Taxonomy. Checklist dataset accessed via on 2022-01-24.


Source : World Register of Marine Species

Biota (Superdomain)
Animalia (Kingdom)
Echinodermata (Phylum)
Asterozoa (Subphylum)
Asteroidea (Class)
Spinulosacea (Superorder)
Spinulosida (Order)
Echinasteridae (Family)
Echinaster (Genus)
Echinaster (Echinaster) (Subgenus)
Echinaster (Echinaster) sepositus (Species)


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