Antedon bifida


Antedon bifida

Rade de Brest, France, 8 meters, 2008, WBN

Antedon bifida

Glénan Archipelago, France, 10 meters, 2005, WBN


Antedon bifida is a feather-star of 10 to 15 cm (rarely 20) in diameter. The central disc, not clearly visible at first sight, is surrounded by 10 feathery arms reaching up to 10 cm long. Its color varies from crimson to red, yellow or whitish often with stripess, red and white for example, or mottlings. Antedon bifida is attached temporarily to rocks, seaweeds or sea-fans by means of 20 to 30 short articulated cirri arising from the lower face of the central disc. It feeds on plankton captured by means of its extended feathery arms. It can also swim by alternate undulations of its arms to escape predators or find a better place to feed.


Antedon bifida is present from surface to depths up to 200 m in the Atlantic Ocean from the British coast down to the Portuguese coasts, in the English Channel and the North Sea.

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Source : World Register of Marine Species

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Cirri : articulated prehensive extensions arising from the lower surface of the central disc used to cling on hard substrata.


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